This site is a tribute to tabletop hobbying. I show off works I come across in person or online that have a unique spark of creativity to them. The art of scratch building and converting models to make truly one of a kind is the soul of making tabletop miniatures. I search online for posts that are tucked away, along with keeping an eye out in person. Everything posted here is with the approval of the original creator and I try to always get some comments from them if possible.

I will also post journals of my own works that are done in that same spirit of constructing something imaginative. My own projects won’t have as much variety as the stuff I find lurking all around the internet, but I hope you all like them just the same.

My goal is to get readers in the mindset of making their own cool projects. This hobby is all about deciding to do something, and turning your daydream or doodle on a notepad into a reality. That sort of experimentation is what keeps the hobby going. If a company doesn’t make the exact model you want, it’s not a crisis- it’s an opportunity.

I love you all, but because modern Games Workshop are litigious, please read my legal disclaimer:

This web site is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

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