Showcase: Fallout New Vegas Drive-In theater by Brandon G.

A drive-in motion picture is a great place to take a date, bury a pesky courier, or take you mind off patrolling the Mojave. Brandon G., who goes by the Instagram name GreeneBean0883, has not just scratch built a drive-in, but one that actually lights up to really give a wasteland battlefield or RPG map…More

Showcase: Scratch built bunker by Adri├ín

Well crafted terrain turns a kitchen table game into an immersive battle. Of the terrain found on a battlefield, a bunker can become the center point of a fight. A welcome strongpoint for holding off waves of attackers, or a stubborn obstacle that needs to be obliterated. Depending on your point of view.More

Showcase: Baneblade Tank by Liam O’Connor

Since the December 1990 publication of White Dwarf #132, there has been a template to create a Baneblade out of cardstock. Liam O’Conner, 35, of Ireland took on the challenge to scratch build such a Baneblade to back up his 327th Catachan troops.More

Showcase: DAKA DAK Orks

The DAKA-DAK is a fierce ork hoard full of towering mechanical walkers and oversized boyz, all sporting the borrowed look of the North Afrika Korps, combined with The Blood Axe clan’s focus on tactics.More