Showcase: Scratch built Warlord Titan by Hamxerious

Big. Stompy. Robots. They are timeless favorites, and an addition that many people want for their tabletop armies. The filter to turning that desire into reality is cost, but it doesn’t have to be. The hobbiest that goes by Hamxerious online has created an entirely scratch built stompy robot from a variety of common materials…More

Showcase: Fallout New Vegas Drive-In theater by Brandon G.

A drive-in motion picture is a great place to take a date, bury a pesky courier, or take you mind off patrolling the Mojave. Brandon G., who goes by the Instagram name GreeneBean0883, has not just scratch built a drive-in, but one that actually lights up to really give a wasteland battlefield or RPG map…More

Showcase: Scratch built bunker by Adri├ín

Well crafted terrain turns a kitchen table game into an immersive battle. Of the terrain found on a battlefield, a bunker can become the center point of a fight. A welcome strongpoint for holding off waves of attackers, or a stubborn obstacle that needs to be obliterated. Depending on your point of view.More

Showcase: Baneblade Tank by Liam O’Connor

Since the December 1990 publication of White Dwarf #132, there has been a template to create a Baneblade out of cardstock. Liam O’Conner, 35, of Ireland took on the challenge to scratch build such a Baneblade to back up his 327th Catachan troops.More

Showcase: DAKA DAK Orks

The DAKA-DAK is a fierce ork hoard full of towering mechanical walkers and oversized boyz, all sporting the borrowed look of the North Afrika Korps, combined with The Blood Axe clan’s focus on tactics.More