Showcase: Freeformroo’s Kasrkin

Freeformroo, a reddit user posted some of their custom build Kasrkin inspired models. Coming across them, I couldn’t resist the chance to dig a little deeper, and shot them a few questions about their unique models.

The inspiration for these kasrkin styled throwback troopers?

Freeformroo: I got back into the hobby during UK lockdown. The gateway drug that is kill team. “Hey, I could make a kill team from the stuff I have, but some new units would be nice.”

Originally I built and painted the scions per the box. Then the seed of doubt. I didn’t like them… with all the spikey bits on the torso armour… I thought they looked like heretics! I always wanted the OOP Kasrkin so the mission was on to try and re-create the look. At the time you could still get the Cadian hazardous environment torsos from Forgeworld. I must have caught the final tail end as they’re also now out of production.

As for how the builds were accomplished?

Freeformroo: The build was actually quite simple. Scion legs have a domed top. I recall to get a nice fit, an off horizontal cut worked best. Higher at the rear. The sarge was the first. You can see where i messed up and got glue all over his groin guard. I was back new to the hobby and the glue i was using wasn’t suitable for resin. The scion arms nearly fit straight off. A little trimming required as the arms oversail the shoulder guards on the inside face.

The Artel commander came soon after. Quite literally just a straight head swap from The Chastener 2.0 model.

So now, my guard army is a lot bigger and I’ve got a few games coming up with some locals!

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