My Project: Custom Warboss

Meet GigaBoss Smasha, leader of the Moon Masters.

Orks provide endless possibilities for improvised scratchbuilds. This boss is a proxy for Ghazgkull Thraka. He stands at a whopping 3 and half inches tall and wide on a massive 80mm base.

The build was inspired when I happened across the MegaBlox Halo toy shown below.

The possibilities to orkify it immediately began spinning in my head. I bought him with a general outline already formed.

Sitting down to make the model, I first built the Halo figure, gluing the legs and torso into a static pose. Then I added the weapons. For the custom gun I went to a great source of bits, the Final Faction toys carried at dollar stores. I stuck a pair of the accessory guns together and fitted them on the end of the outreached arm.

The claw was built with a box made of plasticard and some junk model sprue.

After that came lots of looking through plasticard for pieces. As the build progressed it became clear that the torso looked a little wimpy for such a big boss. I solved this with segmented torso armor held on some jeweler’s chain. The chain actually runs through holes punched in the armor and is secured into a proper pose by super glue on the back side.

The power cables are a mix of thin brass rods and thin plasticard rods. I used the brassed at first but eventually switched to the plasticard which proved easier to work with.

In the end the only official model pieces used were the head, an ork nob with a plasticard cybernetic eye; the cattle skull on his back; and the skulls and power armor debris at his feet.

The painting was a new experience for me, with such large flat areas of yellow. I started out with a zenithal prime, then painted the armor with Vallejo’s Iraqi sand before layering on some P3 brand yellow. A little (too much) Vallejo Oxide rust wash. I painted up the rest of the mini in a pretty standard fashion and then absolutely smothered him in brown pigment, and a bit of black pigment up to the knees. Once it was settled in, some drops of pigment binder were applied and he was ready to lead his boyz.


  1. This is fantastic. Well done 🤘🏼


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