Showcase: Bigchaddad’s Orkmacht

An ork warboss got his hands on ancient tactics manuals, and being cunning and brutal rather than brutal and cunning, put them to use. The result is the Orkmacht, a World War 1/World War 2 themed force by reddit user Bigchaddad.

An army of heavy support tanks and infantry with rifles. It relies on overwhelming firepower for it’s waaargh

Bigchaddad: I made this army in response to my imperial guard army, I have a very large guard army and I always imagined them as WW1-2 troopers with their reliance on bombardments and suicidal charges and tanks, and what better opposing force than WW1-2 orks right?

Bone Breaker Warboss

Bigchaddad: I haven’t done a lot of kit bashing. My stompa, tanks, warboss and big mek are from gear guts mek shop ( All the infantry are from kromlech ( and the two deff dreads are Konflict 47 by Warlord Games (

Custom Killtank made from the looted husk of a Baneblade

Bigchaddad: My kill tank is a custom miniature than I did alot of kit bashing with parts from a baneblade.

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