Showcase: SirMasky’s Cruelty Squad Handler

The new first person-immersive-biopunk-ultraviolence-garish-shooter Cruelty Squad has become an instant cult classic video game. It inspired SirMasky of reddit to make a miniature of The Handler, the boss who passes along contracts to the player in the game.

Below is the in-game representation of The Handler when he appears to contact the player. Despite the limited visual information, it isn’t hard to extrapolate that he is a putrid pile that is only theoretically human.

SirMasky used a 3D model file of the Archdemon of Decay, pictured below, as a foundaton before making his own adjustments.


Using Blender 3D modeling software, SirMasky adjusted the face. Then sourced a free hat and phone model. The result was to create a truly disgusting middle manager.

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