Showcase: Kenton Kilgore’s Fighting Tigers of Veda

The Fighting Tigers of Veda are an absolutely classic homebrew Warhammer 40k faction. The custom Space Marine chapter was first begun in the 1980s by Kenton Kilgore, and first posted online in 2000. The blog for the Fighting Tigers is still being updated to this day, and has a massive amount of content in the form of miniature galleries, battle reports, custom codex suggestions, art, and lore. If the article here piques interest, then go check out for so much more.

The Fighting Tigers is represented by a huge collection of figures. Everything from classic pewter miniatures, through new Primaris, and even a force of Epic scaled figures.

Kenton has also mixed in third party miniatures, like Void 1.1 soldiers as scouts, and Etoiles Mortant figures from Warzone as female assault scouts.

Yes, lady Space Marines are an integral part of the Fighting Tigers lore. The chapter has numerous converted female figures, including the Raja (chapter master) Khandar Madu.

Khandar Madu, the leader of the Fighting Tigers

The conversions for figures don’t stop there, and include some wild looking vehicles.

The Fighting Tigers color scheme hails back to inspiration found in issue 100 of the White Dwarf magazine.

The Fighting Tigers site has (literal) decades of content. Any one who wants to create a homebrew tabletop faction will find motivation to start creating for themselves after seeing the depth and variety of Fighting Tigers custom content.


  1. Tavendale says:

    God, I remember these from the early 2000s! Didn’t know the blog was still going.


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