Showcase: Gargantuan Squiggoth by Neojep

Massive. Powerful. Feared.

The Gargantuan Squiggoth is a frightening beast used by the Orks as a living battle tank and battering ram.

A hobbiest who goes by Neojep online (or NeojepToo on reddit) decided to create their own Gargantuan Squiggoth. I reached out to them and they were great enough to allow me to show off the project here. Neojep, by the way, credits Ian Wyatt on Youtube as inspiration to make the Squiggoth. Wyatt made his own Gargantuan Squiggoth out of a dinosaur toy here

For Neojep, a $5 large toy rhino from a thrift store was the base figure for the build.

On top of the rhino, they added left over pieces of a toy GI Joe Hiss IV tank, also sourced from a thrift store, to make the battle bridge on the top of the Squiggoth.

Then came styrene rectangles hotglued straight to the body as armor and jewelry chain as lashing.

The front was filled in with plasticard to create a platform for the driver. Looking at the styrene just used and instead of cutting it to fit the rhino, Neojep simply sawed an notch into the rhino itself. The cannon was made from a couple of random toys from the thrift store, and fitted to the turret of the tank. Some plasticard was added to give the boyz a place to stand in the back. Spare corner protectors from some sort of packaging was cut to fit and hot glued onto the shoulders. A hole in the tank’s body from a button was filled with a crow’s nest for a lookout grot.

Cut up sections of plastic soda bottles to help make differing textures and thicknesses of the irregular patchwork Ork armor. Excess panel spikes and tubes from a stompa kit were added to give some more Orky flavored detail.

A leather punch supplied the rivets for the armor, which were individually glued in place. A knife was used to scratch, chip, and put holes in the armor.

Neojep used greenstuff to fill where they cut the ears off and build up a jaw with an underbite, adding toothpicks and skewers as teeth. The snake fangs off the tank were repurposed as tusks. An underbite and some eyebrows were added to make it look more angry.

Painting started with a black prime followed by a pass with dark green spray paint. A messy almost drybrushing of a lighter green later and the skin was sorted. White on the horns and toenails followed by a layer of Quickshade.

The armor was painted all over silver, followed by a messy kind of drybrush of rust to give variety of texture and color. Red stippled over that leaving the edges mostly untouched to imply chipping and damage. Another pass of silver over some of the scratches and holes to really drive home the paint chipping effect. Plenty of rust drips. More rust drips. Too many rust drips. Orks don’t care if it rusts, it still krumps.

Neojep’s next project? “I think it turned out alright, but now I’m addicted. I need to do more. Every day I sit at my desk at work and think about going to the thrift store to buy more toys to cut up. It will never end. As we speak I have an AT-AT that I took the legs off for a stompa or a gorkanaut.”

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