Showcase: Scratch Built Battle Taxi by MaxTheSilva96

MaxTheSilva96 from Twitter built an armored personnel carrier ingeniously using little more than plasticard sheets and the treads from a toy army tank. I reached out and got their okay to post it here. The APC is going to stand in for a Chimera armored personnel carrier in his Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard force. The design, inspired by real life M113, is a timelessly chunky metal box that would be at home in any tabletop force in need of an armored ride though.

The treads are sourced from a Tim Mee toy tank with the turret removed.

On top of the toy, plasticard sheets were cut to shape. The entire build of the visible APC body is plasticard, save for a few final details. At first the rough shape was put in place, followed by details like headlights, extra side armor panels, and troop doors on the top and sides.

The turret is plasticard with a spare 40k lascannon and heavy bolter providing the firepower.

Priming the build really brought the look together.

And the final paintjob turn it tabletop ready.

This is a great project for any one looking to expand their light armor forces. For more,  MaxTheSilva96 is constantly posting hobby projects on Twitter, so there‚Äôs always sure to be something new.

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  1. MaxSilva says:

    Really nice write up! Better than what i could’ve done lol
    Im happy to see my work on your site next to so many other great stuff


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