Showcase: November 2021 local tournament

It is almost the end of the year, and as stores increasingly get back to business, more tournaments are starting up. I swung by on a whim to take a few shots of the local store tournament.

(All armies posted with permission of the owners. Sadly this post is light on attribution or interviewing about some of the most unique minis for these great looking armies, everybody was too busy in the middle of battle.)

I walked in to find a Blood Angel vs. Ad Mech game packing up. While most of the Blood angels were already packed up to deploy to a new table, I was able to get a glimpse of one of the bikers before he sped off.

The Ad Mech army on the other side was no ordinary machine cult, but a corrupted one that had fallen to the foul power of chaos.

Across the was was an absolutely awesome looking ork army full of vehicles ‘aving a krump with some newly awakened Necrons.

More Necrons of a more polished variety fought Tau over a dusty tomb world.

On a lush, grassy world, the sickly taint of the Death Guard has drawn the attention of the Grey Knights.

Happy holidays!

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