Showcase: DAKA DAK Orks

The DAKA-DAK is a fierce ork hoard full of towering mechanical walkers and oversized boyz, all sporting the borrowed look of the North Afrika Korps, combined with The Blood Axe clan’s focus on tactics.

Made up almost entirely from 3D printed and Kromlech parts, it is entirely unique.

The creator of this army let me interview them and get a close up look.

The favorite one is going to have to be the giant stompa just because it’s huge.” “It was a labor of love. Things that I love about it are just the customization.”

The massive stompa sports magnetized arms and rockets for all kinds of wargear options, as well as a LED light up eye.

Using free generic goblin 3D files as a foundation, he custom posed the grots in the back and adjusted their sculpt using Blender, before printing them like the rest of the figure. The stompa was printed on a Flash Forge Finder FDM 3D printer, while the grots and orks were made with an Anycubic Photon S resin printer.

I’ll cruise through all the files that are out there, much like you’d look through a bits box.”

The base was done “with some old fashioned stuff” using regular rocks, grit, spread wall spackle, and a length of framing wire as scale barbed wire.

After it was all put together it was painted entirely with craft paint and homemade washes. The heavy rust buildup effect was made with a mixture of PVA glue, grit and brown paint applied liberally.

He had started collecting orks at age 11, but ended up selling his collection. The 3D printer brought him back into the hobby with a new start. The only surviving piece of his original collection was a single ork arm holding a Playmobil hammer.

The DAKA-DAK was originally to be lead by Iwin Romork, who sports a GreenStuff trenchcoat and officers gap, and carries an array of magnetically swappable guns.

Romork was replaced by a motorcycle mounted warboss with a louder attitude.

Currently he is painting more grots and artillery.

His experience making the army left him with some pointers for anyone trying to complete a similar project. His first lesson was that he found FDM printing to be unsatisfactory for infantry. While functional it left them very rough while resin printing was allowing for a phase in of smoother figures.

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  1. Chris Kemp says:

    I find that a couple of layers of gloss varnish go a long way towards smoothing out print lines.

    Regards, Chris.


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