Showcase: Baneblade Tank by Liam O’Connor

The Baneblade is an icon for 40k treadheads. The massive super-heavy tank embodies the spirit of Imperial Guard armored warfare.

Unfortunately the official Baneblade kits come at a terrible price. That’s bad.

Fortunately, ever since the December 1990 publication of White Dwarf #132, there has been a template to create a Baneblade out of cardstock. That’s good.

Liam O’Conner, 35, of Ireland took on the challenge to scratch build such a Baneblade to back up his 327th Catachan troops.

Liam used a variation of the classic template, avaliable on (Link) as a guide, with a few improvised additions. In his own words:

“The bulk of the build is made from graphics medium chipboard with some card-stock details. The rivets are glass beads that were glued on individually. The stowage is taken from a Tamiya kit “Modern Military Equipment”. The sandbags were sculpted using DAS clay. The battle cannon is a combination of lids and plastic junk. The main cannon is a black permanent marker. The other weapons are either greenstuff copies or spares from my bits box. Most of the other GW stuff was taken from the vehicle accessory sprue.”

Once the build was complete, the tank got an all over spray prime:

The finished product:

“Mostly just experimenting with washes and drybrushing to get the general idea across. I started with a grey primer, then prayed Mechanicus standard grey all over it. Then silver and black details. then the brown and green “camo” splotches. Then the rest of the stowage and sandbags were given a basecoat. I used all GW paints, except for the wash, which was Vallejo black game wash. This ruined the model and I spent a few days dry brushing the base coats back up. I dry brushed Leadbelcher on the edges and rivets. The attempt at glowing lamps was a combination of Warboss Green, Corax White, and Tesseract Glow in layers and glazes.”

Liam has a variety of projects, and aside from miniatures he runs a YouTube channel for music gear; if you are musically inclined give it a look here.

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