Showcase: “B.O.B. Robot” by CraftyRic

The hobbyist and scratchbuilder CraftRic posts his creations on YouTube and Instagram. One that caught my eye was a post-apocalyptic robot. The squat industrial box of a robot doesn’t just look good, but it also actually walks. Built on the frame of a CIRO brand 12-in-1 educational robot kit, the BOB can plod it’s own way across a tabletop in style.

If you want to watch the full build start to finish, along with examples of robots by other creator’s you can check out CraftyRic’s YouTube video here.

CraftyRic posts tons more projects- including Fallout dioramas, Gaslands cars, and even a build of the Gravity Falls shack on his Instagram here.

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  1. Greenebean0883 says:

    This is such a original robot design! I love the coloring and weathering. It really puts you into the world and you can imagine clearly being there! Craftyrics work is always top notch!!


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