Shoutout: TripleSpireWorkshop 3D sculpts

TripleSpireWorkshop is a kickstarter run by Isaya Disayakarin offering original digital sculpts of science fiction soldiers. There are two factions, the Space Conscripts, and the Space Justificers. The Space Conscripts are clunky, unskilled troops inspired by WW2. Their vehicles are boxy, riveted, and teaming with oversized guns. The Space Justificers are slick, sleek elites. Their vehicles hover rather than tread the ground, and have smooth lines befitting their higher tech approach.

Both factions are available in 15mm scale, with some remasters of the Space Justicers avaliable in 32mm.

These sculpts offer a unique looks for wargamers getting into the 15mm wargaming space.

If you have been looking for a new kind of mini to paint, or just want to support an independent miniature creator, swing by their Kickstarter and give it a look.

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