Shoutout: LEADPLAGUE blog

The LEADPLAGUE blog, run under the blogspot pen name by Asslessman, is a prodigious page that has been ongoing since 2013. It focuses mostly on Oldhammer and modern miniatures that abide by the classic style.

The Rogue Trader, Oldhammer style third party, and fan sculpts brought to life fully painted and well presented breathes life into the Oldhammer community.

Ymgral Genestealer fan sculpt

There are plenty of new sculpts painted up, but given the same old shaded look as the Oldhammer figures, with a color palette sitting somewhere between John Blanche and Citadel’s ‘Red Box’ era.

Eldar Ranger from the 2018 Blackstone Fortress box

If you’re looking for a live blog with tons of backlog content, regular updates, and many useful links to tutorials and other blogs do bookmark LEADPLAGUE.


  1. These are impressive


  2. asslessman says:

    WOW, I’m only just seeing this but thanks a lot !


  3. asslessman says:

    Wow, I’m only just seeing this now but thanks a lot for the kind words


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