Showcase: Fallout New Vegas Drive-In theater by Brandon G.

A drive-in motion picture is a great place to take a date, bury a pesky courier, or take you mind off patrolling the Mojave.

Brandon G., who goes by the Instagram name GreeneBean0883, has not just scratch built a drive-in, but one that actually lights up to really give a wasteland battlefield or RPG map extra ambiance.

The base and frame of the screen are built from XPS wall insulation foam, cut to size and scored. The inside of the screen’s frame is ringed by a 4.5VDC LED strip light, and the backing has aluminum foil to give a smooth reflective surface.

A still frame from a movie of choice was printed out, and then appropriately weathered before being attached to the inside of the frame.

The batteries are housed inside a casing with a switch. The casing was integrated into the base of the piece, with the switch facing up, and the batteries accessible from below for when they will need to be replaced.

The casing was covering with dirt texture, and the switch itself glued to a trashcan which can be moved back and forth to bring the screen to life.

To complete the piece, Brandon made a set of 3D printed speaker boxes and a single lonely car to complete the scene.

That’s it, folks. If you want to see more, do follow Brandon’s Instagram page which is stuffed full of Fallout New Vegas projects.

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