Showcase: Papercraft 40k Titan by Hammer_Forged_Painting

Making vehicles by papercrafting is a long tradition in the hobby. Hammer_Forged_Painting has tackled a huge papercraft project of his own with a Warhammer 40k scale Warlord Titan. The design came from a template created by Denys Tsiokhla, which is available for download on his website here for anyone who’d like to make their own Titan.

The build started in October 2021, with 8 to 12 hours every week dedicated to it, and Hammer_Forged_Painting wants to 100% final by August 2022.

Most of the Titan is made from poster card stock with the addition of ping pong balls, wooden beads and small Christmas baubles for the pivot points. To keep washes from soaking into the paper, the surfaces are prepared with a mixture of Modpoge and grey paint to create a less porous layer for the paint to sit on top of rather than be absorbed into. For flexibility, the las-cannons on the back and the arms are magnetized.

A piece of advice from Hammer_Forged_Painting says that, “If I was to build another large model I’d definitely get some more pairs of tweezers and find a superglue that has a very fine tip like Revell plastic cement has.”

Hammer_Forged_Painting has been building Warhammer 40k models since 2nd edition, and like the challenge of a scratchbuilt papercraft project over building basic kits out of the box, or letting a 3D printer do all the work.


  1. bhaad says:

    you posted wrong link for templates, correct link is –


  2. Chris Kemp says:

    Excellent scratchbuild!

    Regards, Chris.


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