Showcase: Scratch built Warlord Titan by Hamxerious

Big. Stompy. Robots.

They are timeless favorites, and an addition that many people want for their tabletop armies. The filter to turning that desire into reality is cost, but it doesn’t have to be. The hobbiest that goes by Hamxerious online has created an entirely scratch built stompy robot from a variety of common materials including bottle caps, spoons, straws, pop sickle sticks, and plastic offcuts.

Answering a question on how they approached the creation, Hamxerious said:

“It was the magic of over analyzing the reference model first and then trying to incorporate some artsyle into the model that is why my models are different in composition but still retains the concept of it, I like expanding the idea rather than just copying it, it’s much more forgiving and a fun way for me as an artist.”

Hamxerious is an art student who stressed that patience and understanding how the materials being used reacted was valuable in both making this build and in wider art projects.

The impressive scratchbuild comes together visually as soon as the primer goes on and removes the hodgepodge of colors from the materials.

Once the paintjob is on the titan, the character of it’s details really pops out.

Hamxerious makes more scratch models and posts traditional artwork on Instagram and Facebook if you want to see more creations and art.

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