Exo-suit troopers by GillyMonster18

Exo-suits are fantastic additions to a setting that wants something beefier than traditional armored vests, but not as heavy as full on power armor. The exo-suits have a unique aesthetic that make them well fitting in everything from a cyberpunk setting, to the grimdark of 40k.

Reddit user GillyMonster18 created a variety of suits with the creative application of simple plasticard.

The first suit is built on a combination of a Warhammer 40k Cadian shock trooper and Wargames Atlantic Raumjäger bits.

The work in progress shots evoke the armor from the movie Edge Of Tomorrow.

The finished mini is in striking red colors befitting a trooper meant to catch the eye on the tabletop.

That wasn’t the only armor style created. Another trooper sports plasticard rods and a back mounted powerpack, making him more lightweight similar to the suits of the movie Elysium.

Scratch armor doesn’t need to be all encompassing. Another build shows off additional plates and cybernetic upgrades on a battleworn Imperial officer.

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