Scratch built wandering robot

A quick spur of the moment project I put together with some bits. As often is the case, Final Faction toys from the dollar store came in handy. In this case legs off of a missile launching mech.

The robot toy in it’s original form

I envisioned a bipedal machine, and after digging around more I found a Robotech battlepod that I’d somehow acquired. I stripped the legs off it t, and flipped what was left over, and then added two legs from the Final Faction toy. A chainsaw arm was added from a different Final Faction kit, and then an old heavy machinegun 3D print. The central eye was simply a decorative sticky backed jewel.

I had the future war from Terminator in mind, so added a generous amount of skulls to create an urban setting similar to the future war.

After priming I was torn between a reflective chome finish that was evocative of a terminator, or a rusted finish similar to the common Inq28 color schemes, and similar to the ABC robot from Judge Dredd.

The only good thing about this movie

I eventually settled on the more rusted look combinated with the future war terrain.

A small, but important detail I found was with the drybrushing of the base. Normally with urban rubble I do grey tones, but for this decided to experiment with giving it more saturation. Over the black I first drybrushed Vallejo Sky Grey for a slight tone, but then drybrushed Vallejo Grey Blue lightly on top, which color shifted to a more interesting color. Something I think I will keep doing for future city fighting bases.

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