Feudal Imperial Guard by meeveshobby

Regiments of the Imperial Guard come from a huge variety of worlds. The variety in cultures and technology make them an open opportunity for custom thematic conversions.

Meeveshobby is working on a regiment that hails from a feudal world, and the results have been very eye catching.

The basic troops are made with a combination of Cadian Shock Trooper, and Warhammer Fantasy Empire troops.

The halberd lasguns are a perfect thematic conversion.

The larger Bullgyns were designed on Heroforge, and then 3D printed.

The commanders and officers were made with combinations of Warhammer 40k Scions, Frostgrave, and Warhammer Fantasy knight bits.

A Warhammer Fantasy Imperial cannon makes an appearance for heavy fire support.

The Leman Russ tank was converted with a variety of bits including a Warhammer Fantasy Bretonnian altar, and a chimney from an Empire scenery kit.

In place of Chimera armored personnel carriers are horse drawn carts. The carts are from stonegate scenery, horses from mechanicus cavalry, crew from Anvil Robed Cultists, some arms from frostgrave and empire bits (like the guy clutching his head is old empire cannon crew arms).

Other squads were made using Necromunda Cawdor bits in addition to the rest of the bits used on other troops.

A Sister of Battle is repurposed as a fanatical sergeant.

For updates and other projects by meeveshobby, they run a regularly updated instagram page that can be followed to watch the army grow.

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