Showcase: Milky_Ultra’s Tallarn Imperial Guard

Out of the harsh desert sands of Tallarn come some of the galaxy’s most experienced warriors. Reddit user Milky_Ultra has brought them to life with a ton of sculpting, reposing, and custom touches for a classic Guard regiment.

Milky_Ultra: The tallarn lieutenant. Made almost entirely of Cadian bits, greenstuff, a Drukhari dagger and a Victoria miniature gun. Ended up changing the skirt and removing the wrap on the gun in the end to make it feel less cluttered. This was a such a fun project and a great way to wrap up my army. Truly a culmination of everything I had learned converting and working with greenstuff.

A fun conversion of a regular guardsman charging (and likely dieing). Really wanted to capture the “swift as wind rule” with this very Eldar looking pose. Made with cadian bits, puppetswar head and a chaos dagger. A variety of puppetswar heads are used along with maxmini heads to speed up the process while adding diversity. Diversity in the models was essential for me, so there’s a smattering of custom poses and the injection catachan legs to speed up the process. I use cadian bits primarily because long sleeves to protect from the brutal sun on desert planet(s) just made sense to me and I always liked the look of the armour. They do have a 5+ save after all. The final paint scheme for the infantry is very reminiscent of the classic scheme with drab desert colours with pop of green.


WIP of some rough riders. Made from cadian bits, Dark Riders from AOS, greenstuff and puppetswar heads. No Tallarn army is complete without the inclusion rough riders. I found the dark rider horses perfect for the job in this conversion with their dynamic poses, armour and twisted features. Although perhaps slightly skinny when looking head on, these models look awesome on the table. Some of the most fun I’ve had converting because they blend so well together.

The Commander made from Cadian command box, prefectus commisar hat/sword, greenstuff and a scion coat

It was important that everything that could read Tallarn be converted. Sentinels drivers included. The max mini heads were a no brainer for this as they often feature goggles. Once painted the canopy was added along with fabric to the sides and top to provide shade and more lived in look.

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