My Project: Gaslands podracer

With the holiday season has come more time to hobby again for me. I decided to ease back in by finally painting a scratchbuilt Gaslands vehicle that had been sitting around.

The vehicle was, rather than just a normal car, a high tech, low maintenance podracer. The engines were built from a dollar store Final Faction action figure accessory pack. A spare driver, and eventually a rifle bound to the side of his driver’s pod from a 1/72 pack of cold war era Afghan fighters. After that some zippties and plenty of scrap plastic.

I added a flag with the idea of using a spare decal from my pile to give the build some extra color.

When it came time to paint, I went with the quick’n’dirty route. The engines had surface wear added with a sponging technique, and grime with various shades of wash. The driving pod was similarly given it’s shape and definition with generous wash, with the bright color of the flag used as the only super saturated section of the racer. Easy project and yet another vehicle to pull out in Gaslands.

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