Showcase: Grimdark Tau swordsman by Cole Androlick

Inq28 is a fan made overhaul of the tabletop game Inquisitor, an RPG set inside the Warhammer 40k universe. Set in the dark, grimy crevices of 40k, Inq28 provides opportunities for hobbiests to create models representing characters that exist outside the massive, loud battlefields.

This corner of the Warhammer universe caught the attention of Cole Androlick:

“The overall aesthetic of the grimdark/inquisitor/inq28 has held huge appeal to me, really satisfied that dark and grim itch I’ve got. I usually paint my orks and my sisters in a more clean style and really wanted to try to make something that fit in that universe after hearing a podcast shared with me by my cousin where the guest was the creator of the Gelida world setting. “

About the Tau warrior:

He’s a lone swordsman. Killing abhumans on a frozen death world. Searching glaciers and crags for his brothers. Slowly losing his grip as he drives forward through the endless white, scavenging what he can. Also, mostly just wanted to evoke a kind of hopeless hope type feeling. Abandoned, yes, but not ready to die, not even after losing two limbs.”

Cole was inspired by Gelida, a frozen stark ice world created by Cody Taylor, who posts updates on his own works on his Instagram. The podcast Between The Bolter And Me was where Cole first heard of the setting, and took it as inspiration for for his own Tau:

“After settling on tau, I started to picture a crisis team that had been stranded by some device, probably a warp storm, on the frozen world of gelida. They’re far from the brainwashing of the Water Caste, have since renounced the greater good, taken off their tau iconography and embraced the Gelidan way of life, becoming something of devotees to the Imperial Cult on the world.”

“I really like the idea of this lone Tau, looking for his brothers. With only the AI of the suit to keep him company. I really wanted to shoot for a ronin/crusader vibe.”

The actual conversion of the suit incorporates pieces of 40k Sisters of Battle and Ork pieces to create the head.

For the future, two more suits and possible some drones are in the works.

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