Showcase: Scratchbuilt Hover Bike by Badger Bodges

Scratchbuilding vehicles usually brings to mind plasticard or cardstock creations, but when it comes to making small fast units sometimes it doesn’t take more than the creative assembly of scrap items. Badger Bodges has made a hover bike out of spare parts.

The bike is made out of a pen lid from a Bic Biro classic, super glue lid from dollar store glue, terminal blocks, and zip ties.

The rider is made with a Wargames Atlantic Goblin body fitted with an armored head from Pig Iron Productions.

An electrical resistor provides the final scratch touch to represent a powered energy lance.

Updated photo: This is getting out of hand, now there are three of them

The biker is the beginning of a squad that will be reinforcing a custom OnePageRules Grimdark Future army known as the Crimson Company (OPR guerillas and Havoc brothers).

For more scratch models, Badger Bodges has a facebook page full of low cost, high quality projects.

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